Military service Metals

Combat Readiness Medal (Air Force), awarded for completion of an aggregate of four years of sustained professional service as an Air Force combat-ready aircrew member. 
Item ME01     Price $18.00

Coast Guard Expert Rifleman Medal awarded to Coast Guard personnel who qualify as expert with the M-16 rifle. Plain ribbon bar denotes marksman, bronze “S” sharpshooter, and silver “E” expert
ME13     Price $17.50

United States Coast Guard Reserve, Good Conduct Medal
ME06     Price $18.00

Coast Guard Achievement Medal, for military personnel whose professional achievements exceed normal expectancy? The operational distinguishing device may be authorized. 
 Item ME04     Price $18.00

Organized Marine Corps Reserve Medal, based on four consecutive years service in the Organized Marine Corps “Reserve, Fidelity, Zeal, Obedience
 ME07     Price $27.50

Ft. Leavenworth Command College Challenge Coin
ME09     Price $15.00


 Military Service Medals  
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