Trifari Costume Jewelry was founded around 1918. In early 1930 Alfred Phillipe becomes head designer after joining the company and under his leadership the real jewelry look is born. He introduced his famous crown pin in 1941 and the success of the company was almost certain from that time on. It became the second largest company, 2nd only to Coro but the quality was to belong to Trifari.

$20.00 to $49.00

7 marked Trifari Bracelet, probably 1940, gold wash. 
TR2002      Price $20.00

1 x 1/1/2, Signed Trifari, on back says Aquarius, Jan 20 to Feb 18, nice piece. 
Item #TR2003       Price $20.00

1 Across, almost 1 long, Signed Trifari, clip on earrings. With rhinestones. 
 Item #TR2202     Price $22.00

1 " Across, 1 " Long, signed Trifari, very nice Brooch with enameled green, pearls and rhinestones. Weight 13.4gr.
TR3502     Price $35.00

3 " Signed Trifari Brooch with satin looking Gold. Weight 20.6gr.
TR4802      Price $48.00

3" Signed Trifari Brooch with beautiful Pearls. Weight 19.2gr.
TR4803     Price $48.00

Clip on Earrings, marked Trifari, circa 1920s, with beautiful Red stone that is prong set  1 Long, with probably gold wash over sterling, marked also with Designed pat. pending. 
TR4903       Price $49.00

Trifari Jewelry by Price Range
$75 to $250


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